Georg Kaser Georg Kaser
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  • Age 59
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Height: 1,80 cm
  • Hair colour: dark grey
  • Eye colour: brown
  • Languages: German, Italian, Tyrolean dialects
  • Singing voice: bass
  • Passions: cooking, DIY and turning, gardening, hiking
  • Professional experience in scene-painting
  • driving license category B

    Georg Kaser was born in Brixen, Italy, on 31 December 1953. He took over his father’s sign and decorative painting business, but from early childhood theatre and acting were his greatest passion. One day, while walking his hometown with his girlfriend, Georg decided to found a theatre group. The group called itself ‘Kulisse’ and staged the occasional theatre productions, but soon Georg began dreaming of a full-blown theatre and cabaret ensemble. The location he had in mind was an ancient wine cellar in the oldest part of Brixen, his home town. With the help of his friends Georg transformed the cellar into a theatre called ‘Gruppe Dekadenz’. The ‘Gruppe Dekadenz’ proved a great success, hosting cabaret shows and plays as well as music and various guest performances. The difficulties Georg encountered while juggling both theatre work and his business led him to concentrate on the world of theatre. Following his true passion Georg attended workshops in acting, commedia dell’arte and directing. His talent as an actor, his extraordinary craftsmanship and his dedication to fine dining render Georg an exception in the South Tyrolean theatre landscape. His career would not have been possible without the continuous support of his wife Annelies. Their grown-up children Miriam, Philipp and Max have been following the family tradition by becoming actors and musicians.

  • 1975 Georg founds the theatre ensemble 'Kulisse'
  • 1980 Georg founds the theatre and cabaret ‘Gruppe Dekadenz’, taking over central management plus
  • 1988 Georg gives up his business to concentrate on his theatre career
  • since 1992 Georg has been working as a freelance actor and director
  • 1993 Georg founds the theatre ensemble ‘Theakos’ - 1996 Georg initiates a new project called ‘Kasers Wandertheater’
  • from 1999-2003 Georg was under contract with the Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen (Bolzano theatre)
  • since 2011 Georg has become active in film and television productions
    AWARDS Georg is famous for his one-person shows such as ‘Der Kontrabass’, ‘Hans von Po entdeckt Amerika’, ‘Keitl zruck vom Kriag’, ‘Hannibal oder die Erfindung der Schneemilch’ as well as his cooking show ‘Silent Cooking – Georg Kaser kocht’. He earned numerous awards at theatre festivals in Wroclaw (Poland), Hanover and Kiel (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine) and Latvia.

    "Der Kontrabass"
    Regie: Marc Günther (D)

    2004 Festival "Wrostja" in Wroclaw – Polen
    Auszeichnung: 1. Kritikerpreis und 2. Publikumspreis

    2005 Festival "Integra" in Hannover – Deutschland
    Auszeichnung: 1. Preis für Interpretation und Ausdruck

    "Keitl zruck vom Kriag"
    Regie: Ferruccio Cainero (CH)

    2006 Festival "Thepsis" in Kiev – Ukraine
    2006 Festival "Vidlunnja" in Kiel - Deutschland
    2005 Festival "Wrostja" in Wroclaw – Polen
    2005 Festival "Zvaigzne" in Venspils - Lettland
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